Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fakey Fakerson

So it continues. Honestly, no really HONESTLY, I'm trying really hard to let things go and to not be so annoyed/bothered/angry/frustrated all the time. Every night I get into bed and just pray that I can let go of all this and move on. And then of course the morning comes and I have to be around everything again and something ridiculous happens. The last couple days have been real winners too. The MIL has been "sick". I put sick in parenthesis because its ridiculous. She is so dramatic! (Now I know where my husband gets it...) Instead of just taking care of herself, or going to bed or whatever normal people do when they're sick, she gets up at 5:00 in the morning and moans and groans and makes faces ALL DAY LONG. She's rude to my kids, she walks around grumpy, its just plain ridiculous. So we've been trying not to be here, because not only do I not want to be "sick", I also don't want to be around her bad attitude. Except I think its really bothering her, because I think she wants attention and everyone to fawn over her and her "sickness" and we're not doing that. So last night we were getting ready to go somewhere and she's all "you're not staying for dinner?" and we're all "NOPE" and then gave her a bunch of reasonable reasons why we weren't, and she's all "whatever!" and then proceeds to ask us if we're going to be there for Christmas dinner or if we're going to my parents. So I ask her what time dinner will be? And she says she doesn't know. And I say well, it depends on what time dinner is if we'll be there. And she just HAS to say "SO, you guys will be spending ALL of Christmas Eve with her family AND ALL of Christmas Day TOO?!" And I'm like seriously? No really, I'm like "well, if we're going to be over here all day of Christmas at some point we're going to go to my family's, thats all we're saying." And she's all Oh, well we'll probably eat around 2:00. She's such a witch.

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