Friday, December 11, 2009


Okay then, I think I figured something out. Since things have started getting so hard the last couple weeks, I feel like I just get quieter and quieter. Everyone ignores me anyway so I didn't think it really mattered. But I have to bite my tongue a lot because if I didn't I would start saying snotty remarks--really I would, its that bad--so I'm just quiet most all of the time. So the last couple days I've really had enough, especially with how the MIL talks to my kids. She bosses them around, she won't let me be the mom basically. When I'm telling them to get down or to put something away, she'll cut me off and say "Yeah, get down off there!" And I'm thinking, hello! I'm taking care of it RIGHT NOW. Its constantly and I'm really really done with it. So I think there's been some tension in the air and I think the MIL knows I'm really bugged by her (not that she cares why or wants to take any responsibility for it, but whatever), and you know what? It makes her uncomfortable. I make HER uncomfortable! HA! The irony of that is just ridiculous. Like not even in a funny way. Maybe I should take some sadistic joy in knowing that I make her uncomfortable, except that I feel this whole thing coming to a head and its going to explode like that giant zit on the end of a teenager's nose. Not pretty.  Oh how I look forward to that, I just hope there's some way I can survive this for another two months. Two months and our house will be ready and I can escape this hell hole and never come back. Really positive right?

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