Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fakey Fakerson

So it continues. Honestly, no really HONESTLY, I'm trying really hard to let things go and to not be so annoyed/bothered/angry/frustrated all the time. Every night I get into bed and just pray that I can let go of all this and move on. And then of course the morning comes and I have to be around everything again and something ridiculous happens. The last couple days have been real winners too. The MIL has been "sick". I put sick in parenthesis because its ridiculous. She is so dramatic! (Now I know where my husband gets it...) Instead of just taking care of herself, or going to bed or whatever normal people do when they're sick, she gets up at 5:00 in the morning and moans and groans and makes faces ALL DAY LONG. She's rude to my kids, she walks around grumpy, its just plain ridiculous. So we've been trying not to be here, because not only do I not want to be "sick", I also don't want to be around her bad attitude. Except I think its really bothering her, because I think she wants attention and everyone to fawn over her and her "sickness" and we're not doing that. So last night we were getting ready to go somewhere and she's all "you're not staying for dinner?" and we're all "NOPE" and then gave her a bunch of reasonable reasons why we weren't, and she's all "whatever!" and then proceeds to ask us if we're going to be there for Christmas dinner or if we're going to my parents. So I ask her what time dinner will be? And she says she doesn't know. And I say well, it depends on what time dinner is if we'll be there. And she just HAS to say "SO, you guys will be spending ALL of Christmas Eve with her family AND ALL of Christmas Day TOO?!" And I'm like seriously? No really, I'm like "well, if we're going to be over here all day of Christmas at some point we're going to go to my family's, thats all we're saying." And she's all Oh, well we'll probably eat around 2:00. She's such a witch.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Okay then, I think I figured something out. Since things have started getting so hard the last couple weeks, I feel like I just get quieter and quieter. Everyone ignores me anyway so I didn't think it really mattered. But I have to bite my tongue a lot because if I didn't I would start saying snotty remarks--really I would, its that bad--so I'm just quiet most all of the time. So the last couple days I've really had enough, especially with how the MIL talks to my kids. She bosses them around, she won't let me be the mom basically. When I'm telling them to get down or to put something away, she'll cut me off and say "Yeah, get down off there!" And I'm thinking, hello! I'm taking care of it RIGHT NOW. Its constantly and I'm really really done with it. So I think there's been some tension in the air and I think the MIL knows I'm really bugged by her (not that she cares why or wants to take any responsibility for it, but whatever), and you know what? It makes her uncomfortable. I make HER uncomfortable! HA! The irony of that is just ridiculous. Like not even in a funny way. Maybe I should take some sadistic joy in knowing that I make her uncomfortable, except that I feel this whole thing coming to a head and its going to explode like that giant zit on the end of a teenager's nose. Not pretty.  Oh how I look forward to that, I just hope there's some way I can survive this for another two months. Two months and our house will be ready and I can escape this hell hole and never come back. Really positive right?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Crazy, Its Making ME Crazy

So the last few days have been horrible (what else is new?), and I hate it because its just silly stupid crap but I just can't figure out why she's doing it (she is her: the mother in law). Its stupid stuff like last night, she comes downstairs where I'm working on a project, and says I need to come make my kids something else to eat because they're not going to eat what she's making (okay, side note here; first of all, the whole dinner thing is totally ridiculous because they're old and literally eat at 4:30. FOUR THIRTY. None of us are hungry then, but MIL insists that we all have a sitdown dinner EVERY. SINLGE. NIGHT. But yet, doesn't check with anyone about what they want to eat or anything sort of reasonable. Grrrrrr. Trying to move on.), so since I'm the "wife" (my husband was sitting there doing absolutely nothing) its my role to go make the kids something else to eat. Whatever. I get up there and my father in law is putting chicken nuggets on a pan for the kids, and she literally stops him and says "No, Addison's going to do that!" Like, seriously? What the crap? I don't even know how I'm supposed to take that, what does that even mean? Does she think I'm so lazy that I had better do atleast that? Or WHAT? So then, I'm cleaning up things around the kitchen, clearing the table off, etc. etc. waiting for the oven to heat up so I can put them in, and before its even close to being hot enough, she snatches up the pan and says "I'm just going to put these in here now!" WHAT? Like seriously? Why did she tell me I had to make something and then not let me do it?! What does it mean?! What is wrong with her?! I'm seriously going absolutely insane here. And every freaking word that comes out of her mouth makes me want to scream. I can't even look at her anymore, I hate it. I don't want things to be like this but I honestly don't know how to handle it or what to make of it. Any advice would be much appreciated, especially if you live with a crazy, manipulative, horrible woman.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stupid In Laws

So Thanksgiving and all that went okay, it helps to have other people to take some of the focus off everything that bugs me. Except for one thing, I figured out that my sister in law bugs the hell out of me. She also lives here with us, she's in her mid-thirties and is just one of those poeple who will never move out, I'm not going to say anymore about that (I could go on for a long time...). But here's the deal, we're expected to clean up our stuff, put things away, help do housework and whatever else, which is mostly reasonable and we do; sister in law? Not so much. She is so lazy its exasperating! If I leave my purse out for half an hour, my mother in law moves it. If sister in law leaves her's out, it sits there for...well, ever really. Or like yesterday, we took the kids out for a drive to look at Christmas lights and by the time we got back, our mail was sitting on our bed. Of course EVERYONE else's mail is still sitting out on the table, but our's needs to be put away RIGHT THEN. (Really, I think the mother in law is just being nosy and wants to go in our room, but still.) The sister in law's had this envelope sitting in the kitchen for like three weeks now, heaven forbid someone ask her to put it away. Its so ridiculous. I hate it here so much I don't even know what to do with myself (except spiral into a deep dark depression, which is what I'm possibly doing), and get this, my mother in law asks my husband the other day if 'there's maybe something wrong with me? I seem a little upset...' Are you freaking kidding me?! No one talks to me, no one asks me how I'm doing, no one treats me with any sort of anything and you wonder why I'm upset?! Also ridiculous.

What I really wish I could do is just give everyone a piece of my mind, but my mom said that won't really make me feel better. Eh, what does she know?... kidding people, kidding.