Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poor Homeless People

Stop the presses--


Wow, I almost forgot I had this blog! Its been like six months since I last poster, gee whiz thats awful!

On the bright side, the reason why I haven't posted is because we finally moved out of my in-laws and into our brand newly constructed house! So I've been dealing with packing and unpacking and setting up and all that junk. Of course, that didn't quite take me six months to do, but we didn't even get to move in until the end of March, and then things have just been busy non-stop anyway.

So to get things somewhat up to date, once we moved out I basically cut off ties with the mother in law. HA! I wish. No, I would never want that, I truly believe family is one of the most important things and I would love to make a relationship with her work. But I did need a little space and it took a couple months before I really wanted to be around her again. And I would say things are a LOT better. Is she still a crazy psychopath? YES. Do I have to live with crazy psychopath every day? NO. That helps.

I can tell she's trying, or maybe I'm just a really great person and forgive easily (that must be it! by golly!) but the horrible things aren't happening nearly so much.  Probably the worst thing thats still going on is that the woman thinks we're poor.

Let me explain. Quite a few years ago when my husband and I were first married, he wasn't making enough money while going to school and we couldn't pay all of our bills. My in-laws basically forced us to let them pay our bills (they really did INSIST and kept telling us that it was a blessing for them to help us out), and even when we told them enough was enough and we were good now, they still refused to stop paying. Finally, we had to cut THEM off. Especially after one point when one of my husband's sisters accused us of taking all of "their inheritance"--did I mention some of his sisters are nut jobs too?

So anyway, ever since that time my mother in law has it stuck in her head that we are poor. How do I know that? Because she ever so sweetly asks me things like, "I was wondering if it would be okay, if I took your oldest school clothes shopping..." and "Are you SURE you don't need anything?! You have to let me know if you need something!!" and if she ever takes my kids anywhere they always come back with a bunch of crap, like new socks and underwear and toys, because we obviously can't afford it.

The other day she asked if one of her daughter's could buy my daughter's school supplies. Her reasoning was at church they were doing a humanitarian project where they were donating school supplies to less fortunate kids. And we fell in that category to her.

Its so offensive to be portrayed as the poor ones in the whole family. I love it so.


Anonymous said...
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Amy said...

So i just read through your blog and i love it! I'm pretty much your twin as far as being passive aggresive! We (me, husband, and baby boy) are living with my in laws right now and although its nowhere as bad as your situation was, it definitely has it moments. Thanks for sharing your stories, they have made me laugh and think about what i would have done.