Thursday, October 28, 2010

Facebook Fury!

Hey, its been awhile.

Its hard to keep this blog going because honestly, I don't have bad things happen to me every day. I started this as a way to vent while living with my in-laws and now that we don't, I don't have as much ammunition to go off of. But every once in awhile things come up where I remember this blog and that its worthy of posting about.

This may be something small and silly but it bugs me a bunch. The story goes something like this: Someone on Facebook posted about someone doing something passive aggressive to them (did that make any sense? I'm trying to be vague.). Something happened a person didn't like, so that person left a note to my Facebook friend, taped to her door. So my friend pretty much made fun of this person for doing that; to all her friends. Publicly, on Facebook. Now, I can see why it made her feel stupid and so she made herself feel better by belittling this other woman. I also understand that it probably wasn't the most "mature" thing of the other woman to do. If she had a problem, in an ideal world she could've just nicely said something. The thing that really bugs me is that all the people that commented just ripped this lady apart! Saying things like--

--she has issues

--she's a wuss

--she's a coward

--instructions on how to flush her own damn head down the toilet

--telling the friend to poop on this lady's lawn

--calling her an insensitive jerk

--telling her to take a red pen, correct any spelling and punctuation errors and tape it back to her door

Etc., etc., so on and so forth. Thirty plus comments worth!

Okay, so how are these people ANY better than the woman taping the note? In fact, I'd say they are a LOT worse, some of the things people said were AWFUL! And not only are they talking about another human being, someone's daughter, sister, mother, friend--they have no idea that woman's situation! Maybe confronting her was TERRIFYING, just because its not hard for you, doesn't mean it isn't horrible for someone else. Where's the tolerance? Where's the love?!

And the other thing that really bugs me about this situation is that all those people were SO upset only because they were playing a popularity game. This person is funny and popular, she has a very popular blog. The people only totally agreed with her so that she'd like them more. Ridiculous.

So why do we do this? When our friends tell us about someone that hurt them we go all savage about it " WHAT?! SHE DID WHAT TO YOU?! THAT BLEEPITY BLEEP BLEEP!!!" We rip them up and down, and sure it makes your friend feel better but oh my gosh, is it right?! I can't say I've never done that, of course I have. But people are so incredibly judgmental there's just no way to win. If that lady had knocked on her door and told her to her face, do you doubt there wouldn't have been a post making fun of her on Facebook for doing that?

So its been my goal the last year to:

1. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Think their intentions are good, not hurtful. Think about their side of it, not just how it makes me feel.

2. Not let people bother me so much. People annoy me, it seems like everyone around me is an idiot some days. Well, guess what? Its much more their problem than mine and I should just worry about not acting like an idiot myself.

3. Being real. Instead of judging people for what they have, don't have, how they look and what they do; I'm going to just be happy with the great life I have and see people as a way of enhancing that. Seeing the best in people and realizing that NO ONE is perfect makes it a lot easier to deal with dumb. We all do stupid things, we all mess up, we all say things that come out wrong. Get over it and let's stop drilling people for making mistakes.

Whew. I think I got it off my chest.

And if you're wondering, yes, this is my passive aggressive way of dealing with that Facebook situation because I was too big of a coward to say anything there. I know, I know. Stop judging, remember? :)


Anonymous said...

I wonder why I can't see full text in your RSS feed, do you allow full articles?
I'm only a little bit drunk, I'm sorry. Please don't judge.
Hey, what's the best way to start blogging right away? Like, without any difficult setups.
I'm a little slow, please don't remove my comments or I will get upset.

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Just Me said...

You are Awesome! I am with you 100%.
I've discovered people are stupid...and by that I mean they are stupid. Nobody is prefect. If we all were...we'd be translated by now.